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Ok we get it, that as a “Small” Business it’s hard for us to compete on a serious level in terms of pricing and margins with the “Big” Retailers.  We also understand that holding mass amounts of stock and “all” the models in all categories for customers to browse, purchase and take home is really important.

The next step, and we love this one, it’s a golden oldie, “after sales service”, and really it is old. It is getting harder and harder to find good service, help and general advice.  The waiting times on support phone lines are getting longer and the task of understanding the voice on the other end of this line is difficult.

As the “Big” get bigger it leaves the rest to ponder… Well not us.

So, let’s turn this about and on its head.  The fact is we are a little computer store on Brighton Road in Brighton, Adelaide South Australia, and this is our story.

Our aim to change the mould and take on anyone and welcome everyone to join us….

We have created a membership and I really hate that word, to me it means something that is repetitive, get nothing for your money except an amount taken from your bank account once a month, maybe another word to use for our membership is “group”.  A group of people that we help with email, phone and online remote access support.  A group of people that get access to our online store at a genuine cost plus a dollar pricing on all computers, notebooks, tablets, whitegoods, big screen TVs, home entertainment etc.  This membership (group) area will also hold details of all your computers like software serial numbers example Microsoft Windows and Office, antivirus serial numbers and expiry dates, Internet settings, email settings and passwords (optional).  Imagine, you lose your disks and need to reinstall your software on your PC because the hard drive has crashed, don’t go buy them again, just log in and retrieve your product codes.  Also another great feature of our Cherry Membership group is invoice tracking.  No need to collate all those receipts for tax or warranty purposes throughout the year in a shoe box.  As a member when you purchase something your invoice is recorded to be accessed at any time.  When you get to tax time you will know what you’ve spent throughout the year and claim by re printing invoices.

Right, you’re after a new desktop or notebook and really got no idea about computers or what you’re after, don’t buy something you don’t need from somewhere that isn’t going to be helpful, simply fill in our questionnaire which takes only 60secs and it will tell us what sort of computer you require and build you a quote or browse our existing range which you can chop and change, pick your desired warranty and support.  This goes also for the avid computer user, so many people just want to purchase computer components to build themselves and not need any support, and we also can help you by joining our group.  We want your business and we want to do it at a price and level of support you want.

Business customers, how many of you churn through your ink and toner cartridges, notebooks and desktops. Imagine the savings of getting your purchases at costplusadollar, joining our Cherry Membership group   at the cost of a small monthly fee and get your purchase delivered   to you or pickup from the store at Brighton via our online store were we have over 17,000 products.

Since 2002, Cherry Computers Brighton has been evolving and transforming itself to be Adelaide’s premier computer and complete technology provider in Adelaide with a single-minded focus and determination to be different and to provide exceptional sales and support. We are so excited and so keen to give the best support and cheapest products we can. Join us and get real benefits with real Aussie people online or in store.

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