Is your data safe from threats such as:




Lightning strike/power surge

Hardware failure

We can help you get your precious memories and critical data backed up to protect them in the event of a failure. We can offer a variety of solutions including local back up to an external hard drive or NAS, external (off site) backup to the cloud, and even fail over redundancy in the event of a drive failure with RAID solutions. If you are looking to get the data off of an already faulty computer but don’t want to repair it then we may be able to extract the data for you to either an external hard drive or straight to a new computer. If your drive has already failed or your data was otherwise affected, then we may be able to offer Data Recovery solutions to you to get your important files back for you. If you would like us to get your data backed up for you would like some more information, then you can either pop in or contact us.
external hdd
cloud backup