If you’ve spilled liquid on your computer we may be able to save it for you!

Make sure that you:
  • Turn off the device IMMEDIATELY
  • Remove the Battery (if removable)
  • Get your device in to us ASAP (Allowing it to dry will just give more time for internal damage and corrosion to occur)
  • DO NOT try to turn it on. Even if it is left to dry out, it will corrode and get worse. From our experience the damage will occur at a dramatically faster rate if the computer is used at all before the damage is fixed, with corrosion that could take weeks to develop occurring in only hours or minutes.Often this is the difference between a liquid damaged computer being repairable or not.
  • DO NOT put it in rice! Rice is no where near absorbent enough to help your computer, and often causes damage to the fans and ports of the computer, and sometimes even the internal components if the grains get in far enough.Instead, place the computer in a way that the liquid can drain out the way it came in, using a towel or something similar to absorb it and bring it in to us immediately.If you cannot get it into us immediately, then try to find some silica gel packets to place in with the computer as well, these are far more absorbent than rice (do not open the packets!).
If you would like us to repair your computer repair for you or would like some more information, then you can either pop in or contact us.
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