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8Ware Compressed Air Duster 400ml for Cleaning Keyboards PCs Laptops and Other Equipments

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Air Duster blows dust & microscopic debris from hard to reach places without touching or rubbing delicate electronics or lenses. Features a removable extension nozzle. Great for removing debris from keyboards, PCs, laptops, projectors, stereos, DVD & Game consoles, cameras and many more.
Air Duster, also called "canned air", "compressed air", and "dusting gas", is used to provide a pressurized blast, knocking loose dust and dirt. Think of it as a portable replacement for an air compressor line. This can be used to blow out cookie crumbs from a keyboard, clear out computer vents, and even open up tight apertures in an SMT (surface mount technology) stencil in PCB assembly.

Air Duster removes dirt and dust from any surface without damaging sensitive components or surface finish.
Air duster
Pure compressed air for cleaning delicate or inaccessible areas.
100% safe for ozone
Pure compressed gas
Zero residue
Use in delicate instruments and computer equipment.
Ideal for cleaning computer keyboards , optical instrument, removing microscopic dust, printers, timing devices, cash machines, fax machines, photo equipment, VCRs , CDs and delicate lab equipment.

Note: All Air dusters should be used in short, sharp blasts.
Pure compressed gas for blowing dust and debris from inaccessible areas of electronic equipment. Do not use at an angle of more than 60 to the vertical. Do not pierce or burn even after use. Keep out of reach of children.


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