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Brateck 30mm/1.2″ Diameter Coiled Tube Cable Sleeve 1m

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Wrap the cable management sleeves around your cords and within a minute, you can enjoy a tidy and lovable living/working environment. This flexible & expandable cable management sleeve is perfect for organizing and protecting your wiring and cables. It helps eliminate accidents that can be caused by loose cords and provides a neat appearance for any entertainment system or office setting. The wrapping band not only protects cables from abrasion, but allows breakouts of single or multiple cables for re-routing or replacement.

Cable Organizer & Hider: keep cables concealed and protect cables from the wear and tear
Expandable Bundler: expands to fit a wide variety of cable gauges, ranging from thin phone chargers to thick power plugs
Easy Setup: tools-free assembly in minutes, no expert installation required

Product Category: Cable Sleeve/Cable Sock
Rank: Standard
Material: Polyethylene(PE)
Dimensions: 1000x30mm (39.4"x1.2")
Color: Black


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