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Brateck Braided Cable Sock (40mm/1.6″ Width) Material Polyester Dimensions1000x40mm – White

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Crafted with premium-grade polyester, our braided cable organizer safely secures and unifies TV, video game and desktop computer wires – all to reduce the mess below your feet or behind your device. Great for the home or office, use our easy-to-use, heavy-duty cable ties to manage entire networking formats or the space behind your entertainment center.

Cable Organizer & Hider: keep cables concealed and protect cables from the wear and tear
Cuttable Design: fits your specific needs or used end-to-end for precision cable coverage
Flame-Resistant Material: reduces fire risk
Easy Setup: tools-free assembly in minutes, no expert installation required

Product Category: Cable Sleeve/Cable Sock
Rank: Standard
Material: Polyester
Dimensions: 1000x40mm (39.4"x1.6")
Color: ,White


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