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In the digital age, we have all come to rely heavily on our computers and devices for storage. Whether it’s work documents, personal paperwork, a semester’s worth of university assignments, family videos, precious holiday photos or our video game progress, we all have something stored that is too valuable to lose. Sadly, just like most things, our devices aren’t foolproof and are prone to failure. Whether through physical damage, liquid damage, hard drive failure, a power surge, viruses and malware or simply human error—when the worst happens, our precious data can be lost in seconds. That’s why we recommend that all computer owners implement a regular data backup schedule.

What is data backup?

Data backup is the regular practise of copying important files and documents to another secure location, or ideally two other locations, so that they can be recovered in the case of a failure, preventing the loss of important or irreplaceable data.

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What data should I backup?

As a rule of thumb, you should back up any personal data that can’t be replaced if it were to be lost. 

This can include:

For businesses, data backup can become a bit more involved due the legal implications of record keeping and the operational impact of critical data loss. 

For a business this can include:

How often should I backup my data?

In an ideal world, any file you can’t bear to lose should be backed up immediately. This can be more easily achieved with cloud backup solutions, but this may not be practical for everyone. You will need to consider what a good balance is for you between convenience and frequency of backups and what duration of file loss you’d be prepared to accept. If you are unsure of your best options, call the team at Cherry Computers and we’ll help you come up with a plan and implement your data backup solution.

Where can I store my backups?

When it comes to reliable data backup, there are many options for storing your important files and documents. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your backup should be stored in a separate physical location for ultimate security. That way, if your device is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair you can avoid losing your original files and backup files in one foul swoop. Some suggested locations for your backups are:

A proper data backup could have avoided this storage issue

How do I know which backup option is for me?

There are many options for data backup, depending on your storage requirements, backup frequency, skill level and budget. Fortunately, you don’t need to know about any of these! Our team of highly skilled experts can help you find the perfect backup schedule for your needs. We can provide training on how to maintain your backups in the future and even automate your backups for the ultimate peace of mind.

Simply come in and see us or give us a call for a free, no-obligation chat about how we can ensure your important files and precious memories remain yours forever.

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