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Cherry Computers are Adelaide’s computer liquid damage experts.

We specialise in providing fast liquid damage assessment and repairs for all desktop and laptop computers, both PC and Mac, as well as windows tablets!

Liquid damage…it’s happened to us all. One minute you’re enjoying some water, coffee or wine at your computer—the next you’re madly scrambling for the paper towel spouting an array of unsavoury words. Luckily, many of these incidents can be repaired and depending on your policy, could even be covered by your insurance!

Liquid Damage on an Adelaide computer

What to do if you spill liquid on your computer.

If you have spilled a liquid on your PC or Mac, acting safely and quickly is key!

1. If it is safe to do so, disconnect the power sources immediately.

When liquid is spilled on your computer there is a risk of shorting a circuit. The sooner you can turn it off and disconnect the power, the better the chance of avoiding serious damage. Your safety should be the ultimate priority, however. That means if the spill is large and you and both you and the surrounding area are saturated, you should step away from the device and turn the power off at the circuit breaker as quickly as possible. If you see smoke or bubbling coming from your device do not handle it.

If the spill is smaller, and you are certain it is safe to do so, turn off the power at the source, remove the power cable, then remove the device from any residual liquid. If the device has a battery, remove this too (if possible and safe to do so). Do not reach for the rice—this often causes more damage than good!

2. Disconnect any other devices.

Once you have unplugged the device from all possible power sources and you are sure it is safe, it is a good idea to remove any other devices that are plugged into it. These devices may draw power, which can create a hazard and cause more damage. This includes USBs, WiFi dongles, external hard drives, network cables, webcams or any other removable components that can be safely ejected or removed.

3. Drain and dry it out as much as possible.

Once all power and external components are disconnected, if any residual liquid remains on or in your device, drain as much out as possible and wipe it dry with a cloth, towel or paper towel. If it is a laptop, open it up and gently place it face down on a towel to start the air drying process. Contrary to popular belief, rice is not a good option for liquid damage. Do not place liquid damaged devices in rice!

4. Contact Cherry Computers for a liquid damage assessment and repair

When liquid damage occurs to your computer, it is best to have it assessed by a professional. Even if your device dries out and can be turned back on (which we don’t recommend without an assessment) certain liquids like soft drinks or high mineral waters can slowly erode the delicate components of your computer. This may not be immediately obvious and may cause irreparable damage over time. As Adelaide’s computer liquid damage repair experts, we will inspect your device inside and out for any possible issues, cleaning and replacing any damaged parts as we go. If the device is damaged beyond repair, we can help you out with a replacement and may even be able to recover your data from your old device.

Cherry Computers are the computer liquid damage repair specialists of Adealide, which means there is no need to book in your device. Simply bring your computer or windows tablet any time during our open hours and we’ll do the rest!

Computer liquid damage assessment and repairs for insurance claims

If you’re claiming your repairs on insurance, you will most likely need an assessment and a written report. We can produce this written report for $99 which is due at the time of drop off and is generally reimbursed by your insurance provider (it’s best to confirm this with them as some insurers, especially travel insurers, may not cover this fee).

It’s a good idea to bring your claim number and an email contact for your insurer too, as we can liaise with them on your behalf, sending through the report and accompanying documentation directly to them for faster approvals.

If you would like us to assess your computer for liquid damage repairs, or you have any computer issues, give us a call today. Our team of friendly consultants are waiting to help!

A liquid damaged computer is worked on by our Adelaide technician

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