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Same or next day virus removal services in Adelaide.

Cherry Computers can offer professional virus removal services for your Adelaide home or business.

Viruses, malware adware and spyware are the scourge of modern computing. There are steps you can take to reduce the risk and protect yourself from infection, but sometimes despite our best efforts our computers can be infiltrated by malicious software known as a virus.

What is a virus?

A computer virus is an unwanted program that can replicate itself or move from one computer to another without the consent or knowledge of the user. Viruses can cause any number of problems from the mildly annoying and inconvenient to complete device failure, or theft of sensitive information. They come in many forms but are almost always intended to cause harm or take advantage of the affected device and its owner, often resulting in stolen personal information, data loss or device damage.

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Signs that you may need virus removal services

Computer viruses are deliberately designed to make detection and removal difficult so it may not be immediately obvious that your computer is infected. There are several signs that your computer may have an infection require virus removal services. 

Some of the most common symptoms are:

What to do if you think your computer has been infected with a virus?

If you notice any of the above symptoms, then it is recommended that you take immediate action. Don’t risk having your personal data compromised, deleted or stolen. Trying to remove a virus without experience can make things worse. If you think your computer has been infected with a virus here are the recommended steps to take:

If you think your computer might be infected, or you have any questions about how to tell if your computer might have a virus, contact our team of knowledgeable experts today!

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Macs can get viruses too!

A long-standing rumour is that Macs can’t be infected with viruses and malware– but this couldn’t be further from the truth! As Macs gain popularity amongst computer users they have become a greater target for hackers and virus makers. This means an increasing number of security threats and malware are found targeting Macs every day. It’s important to put an anti-virus on your mac as well, and fear not! If you have already had your Mac infected – we can help, we specialise in servicing and removing viruses from Macs as well. If you think your Mac might require virus removal, contact Cherry Computers today!

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