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The keyboard is a more flexible and versatile tool than you think!

Not only used for typing but the keyboard can also be used to execute other functions on your computer with a simple press of a combination of keys. Here are some personal favourites from the team at Cherry. Each shortcut will be accompanied by a visual diagram showing the combination of keys pressed.

Re-open a Website Tab (Control + Shift + T)

If you have just closed a tab in your web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc.) and would like to get back to where you were, the Reopen Tab (Control + Shift + T) Shortcut will reopen the last tab you closed.

Close a Window or Tab (Control + W)

To close a program’s window or a web browser tab, simply press Control and the W Key at the same time. This will close whatever window or tab is currently focused on. This can be useful if you only needed a program open for a short amount of time.

Quick Switching between Programs (Alt + Tab)

To quickly switch programs without taking your hands off the keyboard, you can use the Alt + Tab shortcut. This will present a window selection interface; you can keep pressing Tab to cycle through the applications. Alternatively, you can also hold shift to cycle backwards through the applications.

Find a string in a body of text (Control + F)

Sometimes, you may need to find a specific word or phrase in a body of text such as an article or a document. A handy shortcut to navigate through the content is Control + F, which will present you with a search box to type your desired string.

Quickly Lock your Computer (Windows + L)

If you need to leave your computer, you can quickly lock the machine by pressing Windows and the L key. This will bring your computer to a lock screen, to which a password must be entered in order to continue using the machine.

Quick Rescue Menu (Control + Alt + Delete)

A Classic shortcut amongst Windows users, this allows quick access to system tools and functionality, such as shutting down the system, locking the system, the Task Manager, and changing passwords.

Quick Access for Task Manager (Control + Shift + Escape)

Program not responding? Quickly end the process by accessing the Task Manager with this handy shortcut. Control + Shift + Escape will open the program manager section of the Task Manager.

Take a screenshot (Windows + Shift + S)

Need to take a photo of what is currently on your screen? Use Windows + Shift + S to take a screenshot of your monitor!

Emoji Keyboard (Windows + Period [.])

Emoji usage is common on phones; Did you know you can access the same icons by using the shortcut Windows + Period? This will bring up an easy-to-use interface for selecting the appropriate emoji you would like to use.

Refresh your content (F5)

Need to reload a Website Page or your File Explorer? Quickly tapping F5 will refresh your content so you can check for changes and updates.

Close a program (Alt + F4)

To close a program entirely, you can press Alt + the F4 Key together to immediately close out of a program. It may ask you if you would like to save changes to your work before it exits out completely.

Full Screen an Application (Alt + Enter OR F11)

A Program can take up the entirety of your display if you so desire. To access this functionality, simply press either Alt + Enter or F11. It can depend on the program as to which shortcut it uses.